Sunday, January 29, 2012

Current Obsessions

Stuff I'm coveting right now:

1. Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer 

Wayfarers are such a classic and these are a fun twist on the original- they fold up into a tiny little box carrying case to fit even in the smallest clutch.

How cool are these??

And here they are on the epitome of cool- Rachel Bilson. 

2. iPhone 4s

My droid is on it's last leg and I can't wait to upgrade to a shiny new iPhone. Which brings me to....

3. Fab iPhone case

This one by Tory Burch is my favorite- but also expensive.

And how cute is this one that I found on etsy??

 However...the practical side of me really thinks I should just get the Otterbox case so I can keep the phone in working order :)

Any suggestions? I love online shopping :)


  1. I'm brand new to blogging to and I saw a comment you had written about glitter nail polish remover... you are officially my best friend after that!!! :) I what you've blogged about so far - that Tory Burch case is about to get google searched!

    1. Aw thanks- hah found that tip on pinterest and it changed my life! Following you as well!

  2. I have an iPhone Case similar to the second one that you found on Etsy! I love it and get tons of comments about how cute it is!

    Chelsea (

    1. It is super cute! Following you- love your blog!