Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Five

Things I'm loving this week:

 New turquoise shoes from Target- on sale!

 Skinny Iced Salted Caramel Latte- Trust me on this one! Get it with extra salt on top!

 Finding Nemo comes out in 3D today-
 I'm definitely going without any kids and I'm OK with that.

 Love my "hot punch" color Nike Frees. I just can't let go of Summer.

My husband was out of town this week and my dog took it upon herself to crawl under the covers and sleep on his pillow. Seriously, how cute is that?
Hope you all have a great weekend-
xo, Ann


  1. Ooo I love me some Starbucks! I have had three pumpkin spices this week, HA! New follower:)

  2. I have really similar running shoes to those neon ones, absolutely love them! STARBUCKS is totally the best, I live off their frappuccinos! There's a new post up on my blog and I'd love to hear what you think of it, so feel free to stop by!

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  3. Love the Nikes! I've been shopping for a pair for weeks now and I just can't seem to find any that I can't live without. Love the pink :)