Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Five

Things I'm loving this week:

Casual arm party from this week- watch from Target!


 Went to an Scottish inspired pub for dinner- had whiskey neat and an Oasis coverband

 Tiger at Lincoln Park Zoo- always amazes me that this guy lives in the heart of Chicago

 Favorite new drink- so good! Not a fan of the other flavors but this one is amazing.

From a "Top Chef" inspired dinner at a friend's house- secret ingredient was bacon. 
This cupcake was a bacon chocolate cupcake with Nutella bacon frosting. Not on the diet and didn't care. Was soo worth it!

Hope you all have a great weekend!
xo, Ann


  1. Love these! That dinner looks delicious! And I love your arm candy :) I still feel weird saying that, am I the only one?

    1. Hah no, it's definitely a strange word/phrase :) by the way, Im going to Nordstroms today to check out the Mini Mac- will let you know if I make a purchase!